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Natures Powerful Botanical Healers EKÓ BOTANICALS

Natures Powerful Botanical Healers

The ancient Egyptians used natural, or practical, remedies, such as herbs for their restorative and healing properties to the mind, skin and soul. Plants have been revered for their natural ability to heal skin due to the powerful antioxidant protection from environmental aggressors, anti-inflammatory properties that calm inflamed skin to the nourishing  and cellular renewal properties contained in the blooms. 
This is why I created Nefertiti, a Multitasking Serum. EKÓ BOTANICALS

This is why I created Nefertiti, a Multitasking Serum.

Nefertiti is a plant based multitasking serum inspired by my own search for uncomplicated skincare. The idea for a multitasking serum came from my experience of product fatigue driven by mainstream beauty brands I had used over the years. 
Slow Ageing Positively - EKÓ BOTANICALS

Slow Ageing Positively

The process of ageing is inevitable. The term ‘anti-ageing’ is something we never use because it can be misleading. Instead, our philosophy at Ekó botanicals is based on a belief in using the power of plants, ancient rituals, and science to slow the ageing process. An acceptance that when one season in our skin journey ends another beautiful season will begin, just like the seasons in nature.
Explore the real science behind darker skin tones - EKÓ BOTANICALS

Explore the real science behind darker skin tones

Our ethnic origins greatly influence the structure and appearance of our skin. When used in the context of skin, the term ethnicity also refers to the different environmental and cultural factors that impact on skin health and appearance. How we treat and care for our skin and the products that we use should reflect these differences. Our skin colour is determined by the density and the distribution of melanin.

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