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Do you use fragrances to scent the products?

  1. We do not use any artificial fragrances artificial fragrances or perfume. The scent of the products is the result of the natural synergy of the botanical ingredients used in the formulation. Artificial fragrances and perfume can cause skin irritation.

Can I use Oil only products if I have Oily or Combination Skin?

There’s a common misconception that using a face oil will cause your skin to become too oily and lead to breakouts.  This is not true. Synthetic ingredients found in many mainstream, conventional beauty products strip skin of its natural oils, causing it to produce even more oil and clog pores and can contain synthetic oils (like mineral oil) which have such a large molecular structure and sit on the surface of the skin because they can't be absorbed, clogging pores and leading to breakouts.

The plant oils and botanical extracts we use in our products prevent breakouts and acne due to the sebum balancing effect they have on the skin; the small molecules resemble our own skin cell structure, allowing the oils to be very easily absorbed by the skin. These oils signal to the sebum glands to slow down sebum production and in turn leave skin more balanced. 

Can I use Makeda Botanical Radiance Oil as my daily moisturizer?

Yes. We believe in keeping a simple routine. It is the only moisturizer you need for any skin type including dry, oily, combination, sensitive and blemish prone because all skin types are fed from the rich botanical nutrients at the root of this powerhouse. After cleansing, using our Amina Ritual Cleansing Oil, in the morning and evening -and your favorite face mist follow with our Nefertiti Botanical Radiance Serum. Then apply Makeda Botanical Radiance Oil as Step 4 to the slightly damp skin, the oil will skin into the skin quickly holding on to that extra water boosting hydration and leaving skin looking plump. 

How do I incorporate Nefertiti Botanical Radiance Serum in my routine?

Cleanse using our Amina Ritual Cleansing Oil and then use a toner or floral hydrosol to boost hydration. You can then apply Nefertiti Botanical Radiance Serum as Step 3 to Cleansed skin by first rubbing a few drops on your palms to activate the botanical essences and pat and press on your face. It is a multi-tasking serum replacing your need to use a separate Vitamin, Hyaluronic Acid, Antioxidant, Eye serum by combining all these needs into one product. Follow with Makeda Botanical Radiance Oil to lock in the hydration, repeat morning and or night.

What is the shelf life of the products?

Most of our products will last for approximately a year from the date they are opened. Please keep in mind to store them in a cool place away from fluctuating temperatures and direct sunlight. Natural ingredients are more prone to be affected by exposure to air and contaminants. All products display a PAO (Period After Opening symbol which tells you the number of months the product is good for once it is opened).

Can I use these products if I am pregnant or nursing?

All our products and ingredients are evaluated to the highest quality and safety standards and regulations. These mild, safe and gentle product formulations have been relied upon for generations. For any concerns about using any product or ingredient while pregnant or nursing please discuss with your doctor.

Are your products Cruelty Free?

Yes. Our products are never tested on animals, and we have worked to ensure suppliers of ingredients are also cruelty-free.

Are your products Vegan?

Yes. All our products are 100% plant based.

Are your products Organic?

While all of our products are 100% natural they are not 100% organic. Becoming "Certified Organic" is an extremely expensive and arduous process and some of the farms we procure our ingredients from are small operations. In fact, some ingredients that are not certified organic can be of higher quality such was wildcrafted and biodynamic. We seek out organic ingredients where available but we only purchase ingredients from suppliers that use environmentally friendly practices free of pesticides and fertilizers. Organic ingredients are marked with a * in our ingredient lists.

Do you use Preservatives?

Eko Botanicals is formulated to be free of all synthetic preservatives. All of our products either use natural ingredients with stabilizing properties or natural preservatives that follow EcoCert guidelines. EcoCert is a globally recognized sustainable development accreditation body.

How long does Delivery take?

UK orders have two options available: 1st Class Royal Mail (usually 1-3 working days, including Saturdays) is £4.95 or FREE on orders over £60 and DPD Next Working Day (order before 3pm) is £6.95

For the US, shipping is £30 and usually takes 7-10 working days. This is a fully tracked priority service. Shipping is FREE for US orders over £200. 

EU orders are currently suspended due to restrictions imposed by Brexit. To be notified when we are shipping to Europe again, join our Newsletter.


How Do I find out about Wholesale Orders?

We would be happy to give you information regarding wholesale accounts. Please email us at Please note, unfortunately we are not able to accept all wholesale requests due to exclusivity with other stores or other restrictions. We also require stockists to be a registered business. 

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